We’re going to miss you, Pierre!

Today we had the sad task of saying goodbye to the 15 year old Pierre, who came to study with us all the way from France!

We had the pleasure of hosting Pierre in our General English class for 4 weeks, and we are all going to miss his wonderful smile and energy!


Here is what Pierre had to say about his time here at ECA:


“My mum helped me choose to study at ECA. She says that the first time we went here the people were very sympathetic, and that it’s important to study in a good group with good vibes.

In fact lessons are not too difficult, but very useful!

Moreover, we studied all topics, and it is a very good for base vocabulary in daily life.


The class and different teachers are really sympathetic and helpful. Moreover, teachers try to help everybody and it’s great!


In my time at ECA I got to hold a koala at Gorge Wildlife Park. It was amazing!

I met my friend Bob, and I am very happy to meet him. I will definitely contact him after I leave Australia!”


We’re so happy to hear that Pierre made friends and had a good time while studying with us at ECA!


We wish you the best of luck with your studies, and all of your swimming competitions!

Bye Pierre!