Sumitra says Goodbye!

This year we had the pleasure of teaching Sumitra at the English College of Adelaide, and this week we finally said goodbye!

Here are some of the lovely things she had to say about her time here at ECA:


” I heard from other people that Adelaide is a calm and beautiful city, and I am having a nice time here now.

People in Adelaide are so friendly. When we go to the offices or department stores, or even on the bus, they treat us so nicely and politely.


There are a lot of unforgettable events I experienced in Adelaide and at ECA.


The most important thing is that the environment in ECA is really familiar and comfortable. The teachers and other staff members are always ready to help us.


The way all of the staff treated us is overwhelming!”


Thank you Sumitra!


We wish Sumitra all the best with her future studies! ♥