Goodbye to Kyouka and Ayumi

Last week we said goodbye to Kyouka and Ayumi who both joined us in our General English class.🤗
🎀⭐️🎀 Kyouka’s positive feedback included comments about classes at ECA where she said:
‘I am glad I could make friends with not only other students from Japan, but others from various countries…it was a wonderful experience getting to talk with people who have different first languages to mine’. 🌏
She also said of ECA:
‘…it had a real ‘at home’ feel that aligned with my values ‘.
🎀⭐️🎀 Ayumi echoed this commenting:
‘at ECA there is so much opportunity to develop your speaking skills and conversation skills on more in depth topics than everyday English’.💬
and ‘ was a small, inviting school so that made me feel safe’.
Both Kyouka and Ayumi were valued members of their class and will be missed – particularly on Fridays!😆✌️✌️