ECA Services

Airport Pickup

A member of our staff can meet you at the airport to welcome you to Adelaide. If you have requested Homestay a member of your host family may also be there. Please let us know on the accommodation form if you require airport pickup and inform us of your flight details as soon as they are confirmed.


Bank accounts/mobile phones/Public Transport Information/Student Cards

On your first day we will give you an orientation lesson. We can take you to the bank to open a bank account. We can also help you purchase a mobile phone. We will provide you with information about public transport and for full-time students we can issue you a student card to give you discounted bus/tram/train tickets.


Academic Guidance

We can assist you when applying for either High School, tertiary studies at other Vocational Colleges and Universities. We can provide you with lots of information and organise appointments for you. We can also assist in completing application forms.


Resume Writing

If you are interested in getting part-time work during your studies at ECA we can help you write your resumes to send to potential employers.


Doctors Appointments

If you are unwell we can make bookings at local doctor’s clinic.


Tour bookings and Social Activities

Activities can be planned for you both during school hours and after school hours. We can provide you with lots of travel information as well as information about the many events and attractions you can experience during your stay in Adelaide.