Business English [CRICOS Code 028374F]

(CRICOS Code 028374F)

Entry requirements:

  • High Intermediate level in Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing
  • Strong interest in business


Business English prepares students for oral and written business communication in English. It is also a chance for them to share their knowledge of business culture with people from other countries and learn how to apply their business skills in English.


During this course, students interested TOEIC will be able to prepare for the TOEIC exam.


This course is aimed at students who need to:


  • improve their oral fluency to communicate in English in business situations including meetings, negotiations, presentations, and social occasions
  • build their business vocabulary and grammar
  • write formal business letters, emails and reports


Topics covered in this full-time course include: Management, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Customer Service and E-Commerce.