All the best, Simone!

Last week we said goodbye to Simone, who came to study with us all the way from Italy!


Simone studied English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and English for Direct Entry (EDE) with us at ECA for 6 months!

Here’s what he had to say about ECA: ”


I chose ECA because of the familiar environment, which is daily transmitted by both the teachers and staff.

The lessons at ECA are entertaining and playful. Teachers are helpful and motivating!

I enjoyed the cosmopolitan environment at school, and the opportunity to learn new things, not only during class, but also in other situations, such as at lunch time.
Furthermore, everyone in the school was always ready to help.

My favourite memory at ECA was when we had lunch with the teachers at an Italian restaurant in the city, and many other moments I will never forget.”


From all of us at ECA we wish Simone all the best with his future studies, and hope that one day he will return to Adelaide to gift us with a visit ?