Accommodation Policy

In order for you to make the most of your homestay experience, we would like you to read the following expectations we have of both our students and homestay families. 

We expect students to:

  • Try to fit in with the host family’s routine and expectations as much as possible.
  • Be polite, thoughtful and kind whenever you are with your homestay family.
  • Take the opportunity of Homestay seriously by participating in host family activities and speaking English whenever possible.
  • Tell the host family in advance if you will not be home for the evening meal or if you will arrive home later than normal.
  • Respect the family’s property, and pay for the repair or replacement of any articles you damage or lose.
  • Provide your own toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste).
  • Not waste water, gas, electricity because these are very expensive in Australia.
  • Keep your room clean and take responsibility for your personal care needs, such as making your bed and keeping the bathroom tidy.
  • Offer to help your family with jobs, such as washing dishes etc.
  • Not invite friends to your Homestay family’s home unless you have received permission from your Homestay family first.
  • After the two weeks, make an agreement with your Homestay family to regularly pay them the correct Homestay fee, as set by ECA.
  • Talk to your host family and/or ECA about any problems/concerns.
  • Give ECA and your family two weeks’ notice if you wish to move.
  • Move out of the Homestay which was arranged by ECA when you finish your studies at ECA.
  • Stay in homestay/share accommodation for the total time requested on your Accommodation form. If you leave before this agreed date, you must pay for the remaining weeks to your host family/share accommodation.

We expect host families to:

  • Welcome the student as a member of your family. Make an effort to engage the student in English conversation wherever possible.
  • Ensure that everyone in the family is courteous and kind in all dealings with the student.
  • Provide a separate, private bedroom for the students and ensure the family respects the privacy and belongings of the students.
  • Provide sheets, bedding, towels, face washers and bathmats.
  • Provide 3 meals per day (or provisions for breakfast & packed lunch), including weekends.
  • Wash the student’s clothing/sheets/towels (or arrange with the student a suitable day for them to do this).
  • After the two weeks, make an arrangement with your student when they are to pay the homestay fee as set by ECA.
  • Talk to your student and/or ECA about any problems/concerns.
  • Give two weeks’ notice to both the student and ECA if the student is required to move out.